The firm of Britt & Catrett, P.C. specializes in consumer and small business bankruptcy solutions. Consumer bankruptcy solutions include foreclosures, medical debts, credit card debts, judgments and general financial reorganizations. Consumer bankruptcy solutions also include those with business problems because for small business owners, the personal and business financial issues are so intertwined that we may be able to provide counsel to ensure that regardless of what happens to the business, you have taken the necessary steps to protect your and your family’s assets for your fresh start.

We also assist and tailor solutions for problems with IRS debt (both personal and business) as well as tax debts associated with the operation of a business, such as business sales taxes, franchise taxes, etc. Britt & Catrett, P.C. considers itself a provider of tailored bankruptcy solutions because we pride ourselves on knowing our clients, knowing their needs and limitations, and proposing solutions to fit those needs. At our office, you are not a number waiting in line but rather an individual or family who has found themselves in financial distress. We work at maintaining an informal, almost family, atmosphere in our offices to ensure your comfort in working with our staff and attorneys.

We would invite you to call our office to set up an initial consultation. Our initial consultations typically last for about two hours because we feel that the only way you can evaluate your options is for us to first understand your situation and what is important to you and your family, and second, explain what we would see as your options (which may or may not include a bankruptcy solution) in depth.